Mach I


per month

  • Cheapest
  • Great for individual investors
  • Daily newsletter email
  • Weekly top idea

Mach II


per month

  • For individuals or institutions
  • Daily newsletter email
  • Weekly top idea
  • Quarterly activist newsletter

Mach III


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  • Great for all investors
  • Daily newsletter + weekly idea
  • Quarterly activist newsletter
  • Weekly recap email
  • #1 place for event driven ideas
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Mach IV


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  • For hedge funds + institutions
  • All things form Mach III
  • Entire database of past work
  • Insights into what we own
  • Ad-hoc analyses 3-4/week

A few more details on the features of Activist Stocks Premium

  • Daily newsletter email with all things activist investing, new catalysts, short selling activists, and more

  • Weekly idea - a deep dive into a stock we’re buying that has a major catalyst or newly targeted by an activist investor. Plus you’ll get access to the past 40 weekly ideas we’ve put out

  • Quarterly activist newsletter [$200 per quarter value] - 50 pages of insights into the trends activist investors are riding and a deep dive into three stocks they’re buying and more

  • Weekly recap email - an all in one place for event-driven ideas, where we highlight the major changes in activist hedge fund tactics and positions and offer unique insights into stocks with developing catalysts

  • Our entire database of past work - several hundred pieces on activist targets, all our past quarterly activist newsletters and  

  • Ad-hoc analyses that we put out 3-4 times a week, offering more insight into what we own and why

  • Interested in a 10% discount for signing up yearly - email me.