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Activist Stocks platform - We take following activist investors and being a media outlet for activist investing seriously. There's a wide range of activist investors and we try to track all of them. Our goal is to find actionable ideas in the event driven space. With that, we analyze and report on hedge fund campaigns at companies, finding the best risk/reward opportunities with a given catalyst to unlock value. 

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We reach thousands of hard-to-reach industry readers, including hedge fund managers, lawyers, proxy advisers, investment banking management, activist investors, company CEOs and management, and a host of other institutional investors. 

Banner and display ads are generally used to promote a product or event, or brand building. Then there's sponsorships, which includes sponsoring specific content or outreach via e-mail to our readers.  Pricing for display, native and sponsorship advertising varies by length and request.

Here's some info on reader demographics:

  • By age - 40% ages 35-44; 25% ages 25-34; 15% ages 45-54; 5% ages 18-24; 5% ages 65+.
  • Geo - 70% in U.S.; 5% in Canada; 2.5% in Germany; 2.5% in the U.K.; 2% in France; 2% in Australia, etc. 

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Reach out with any questions, feedback and inquirers - info@activiststocks.com