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JCP Investment takes Casella Waste to task

JCP Investment is taking Casella Waste (NASDAQ: CWST) to task again, putting out a letter and presentation. A name we covered in April as part of Activist Strategy - Jim Pappas and JCP usually do good work. Don't forget - sign up for our free daily newsletter to stay in the activist investing know. 

Here's the jist -  the fund owns 5.7%. They've tried working with the board to no avail. The company has been working against JCP. Casella has underperformed for over a decade given the family-entrenched management team and supervoting Class B shares. There's been various related party transactions and possible under the table dealings. The fix is new management and governance overhaul. JCP has nominated board members and looks to wage a proxy battle. 

Casella puts out a detailed letter [here], as well as presentation [here].

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