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Dan Loeb Loves Energy

Billionaire activist investor Dan Loeb of Third Point is back in the energy space. Per his 3Q 13F, he's made a new pet on Whiting Petroleum. Other notable energy moves include new stakes in Devon Energy and Tesoro Petroleum.  

But he's also found some value in the tech space. New picks here include Facebook and Activision Blizzard. Outside of energy and tech, Loeb was also taking new stakes in Charter Communications and Monsanto. 

Loeb was up 4.6% in 2Q. 

Notable selloffs that Loeb made include Amgen, the drug giant, where he's found new opportunities. He's also cutting his stake, dumping 20%, in Dow Chemical after helping get DuPont to merge with them. He also trimmed his sizable stake in Baxter, which he's been very vocal about

Loeb also sold off his stake in Signet Jewelers, which has been tanking of late, embattled with diamond swapping allegations