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Jana Partners: New Stake In United Rentals

It's a hoax. 

I'm not here to do their jobs for them. However, when it sends finance twitter into a masturbatory frenzy, well, I have a fiduciary duty. Jana Partners' United Rentals stake goes back to the first quarter. This is old news. Now, I know navigating the SEC website is a pain, but hell it's not that hard. See excerpt from Jana's 1Q 13F - URI clearly there. 

It goes beyond that. The frenzy was further fueled that Jana might push URI to buy Hertz, after pushing Hertz to buy URI previously. That might still be on the table, but again nothing new. We knew that Jana had this up his sleeve from when he went active at Hertz last year. 

Now, will Jana actually push the two together - that's another story - something we'll cover later. Something we'll likely touch on in Activist Strategy...