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13F Insights: Kyle Bass Is No Longer An Oil Man

Kyle Bass' Hayman Capital has traded in its oil stocks for pharma one, among other things. 

Hayman's top holding is still NMI Holdings (NMIH) - now 26% of the long portfolio. They added an Impax Labs (IPXL) stake which is the 3rd largest holding and a CF Industries (CF) stake - 4th largest. As well, the GW Pharma (GWPH) stake is new - 5th largest. It upped its BioMarin Pharma (BMRN) and Vertex Pharma (VRTX) stakes by more than tenfold to make them its 6th and 7th largest positions. 

RECAP: Lost of new pharma stakes and increases, while dumping oil. 

New notables - IPXL, CF, GWPH, DBVT, DNAI, ERES, AGN ADHD - all to hedge out his short positions (jihad) on other pharma companies. 

Notable selloffs - Perrigo (PRGO) - sold all and was its 2nd largest holding, Mylan (MYL) sold 89% and was 3rd largest; sold all OAS, WLL, NFX, SM, CJES, PDCE, FANG, MTDR, BCEI, CXO, RES, etc. 

Hayman's portfolio went from 44% energy and 26% healthcare to now 16% energy and 45% healthcare. 


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