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Activist Stocks Premier Offering: New Premium Content

Activist Stocks is proud to showcase our most advanced offering yet. Over the past year we've worked tirelessly to bring about the best premium content into the activist investing sphere. Our focus is to reach a wide demographic of individual and institutional investors. We have tiered our premium content to do just that.

With a mounting score of activist investors entering into the event driven space, our goal is to utilize this activity and data by turning it into actionable ideas. For individual investors this means providing you with data-driven ideas from our top analysts.

Institutions and hedge funds requiring more actionable information benefit from our ad-hoc analyses that offers insight into what activist targets to pursue and why. Along with an unprecedented database of past work, which allows for swathes of activist data to be accessed in an instant. 

Here is a breakdown of our offerings and what premium group fits you or your firms' needs best. 

Mach I

Our first level is our introductory premium content. Its great for individual investors and newcomers to the activist investing model. Also great for relatively new investors to get a leg up on the market by using the activist approach.

Subscribers will receive our daily newsletter that covers all things activist investing, catalyst news and a general overview of what's going on. Along with that you will receive a weekly deep-dive into a stock we're buying. You'll also have access to past ideas. Making this an ideal way to start a strong portfolio. 

Mach II

Our secondary level includes everything offered in the Mach I. The added bonus is access to our quarterly newsletter. The newsletter offers 50 pages of insights into the trends activist investors are following, as well as a deep dive into three stocks they're buying. This level is perfect for an individual or institution who doesn't want to purchase the standalone quarterly newsletter every three months. 

Mach III

Our third and most popular level encompasses everything offered in the Mach I and Mach II. On top of our daily and weekly top idea, we offer another weekly recap, a dive into event-driven ideas, and insights into specific activist catalysts.  This premium content is perfect for media companies and individual investors who want more than most. 

Our weekly recap takes a look at major changes in activist hedge fund tactics and positions. Following this in-depth analysis we take a look at multiple stocks with developing catalysts, offering our unique insights. This is a great opportunity to get the information straight from the source.  Our Mach III model intersects between being the premier level for advanced individual investors and an introductory level for institutional firms. Media companies looking for breaking financial news will find it directly from us. 

Mach IV

Our highest level is the entire package. Directly tailored for hedge funds and other institutional firms, we provide everything listed in the three prior levels. On top of that, we offer 3-4 ad-hoc analyses per week. We provide a full analytic report and summaries of data reports providing idea generation to funds and firms. Along with this, our ad-hoc analyses will provide practical information for a potential or current activist target. 

Our leading premium content also provides subscribers with a complete database of all our past work, including all past quarterly newsletters. This includes several hundred pieces on activist targets as well.

Our offerings are not static but ever-changing to keep up with our subscribers' needs. We are flexible in providing the best quality work for both individuals and institutions. There is no other place where you will find a more dedicated company to providing everything there is to know about the activist investing sphere. We don't only offer our knowledge, but our expertise in taking quantifiable action