These Aren’t Joel Greenblatt’s Spinoffs

Spinoffs are quite the rage. But not for the reasons Joel Greenblatt told us about back in ‘97. Rather, we’ve seen a number of implosions in the spinoff universe of late.

@y0ungmoneyblog has an exciting post on 25 spinoffs that blew up [link]

We’re bringing the idea of spinoff blow ups to 2015. As part of the catalyst watchlist, here’s a look at how the major spinoffs [over the last twelve months] have done.  

First, Strategas found that the median spinoff has underperformed the S&P 500 by 2.6 percentage points over the last six years. The broad strategy of investing in all spinoffs just doesn’t work anymore.

You know the selling point for spinning a company off, and the thesis for why they underperform in the near-term, so I won’t rehash that here. Instead, let’s assume that Joel had the right idea, here’s some of the worst performing spinoffs of 2015; and more importantly, a few names worth buying. Keys - avoid ridiculous levels of debt, those coming out with “high” valuations, and those spinoffs that are actually fundamentally broken business (read: parent is cutting the cord on its POS segment).  

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Notable readings for certain spins:

$CC - Devin Stearns

$JMG - Horizon Kinetics

$CSAL - J. Allen

$SPNE - Marketfolly

$HZN - Activist Stocks