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Just how close was Nelson Peltz at DuPont?

As noted last week, Nelson Peltz was the only one of the four directors that Trian Partners put forth to come close to getting a DuPont board seat. 

The official count isn't out yet, but the votes from last week's annual meeting are out, with Nelson Peltz getting over 290 million votes, which was 43% of the votes. Those 290 million votes were still about 80 million short of what the lowest vote DuPont board member Bob Brown got. 

Ellen Kullman got 97% of the votes. Trian Partners other nominee, John Myers, whom ISS recommended (along with Peltz) be put on the board got 36% of the votes. And Trian's other two nominees: Bob Zatta got 24% and Arthur Winkleblackand got 20%.