5 Best Stock Market Books For Beginners in 2022

stock market books for beginners

Learning about the stock market is a big deal. You may open Google and search for any particular term, but that sometimes ends up reading complicated articles adding more to confusion than anything else. Here come the books in the light, because they are focused on one topic and elaborate everything around that in detail. … Read more

HDFC Securities Vs Zerodha Comparison 2022

HDFC Securities vs Zerodha

HDFC Securities is a brokerage house backed by HDFC Bank having a full range of value-added services. But, all the products have a cost and the brokerage fee is charged on a percentage basis. On the other hand, Zerodha is a discount broker with minimal advisory but charges a brokerage of up to Rs. 20 … Read more

Upstox Review 2022- Alternative to Zerodha


Upstox is India’s 2nd largest discount broker after Zerodha. Upstox has a 40 lakh customer base in the year 2022. Upstox initially started as RKSV Securities Ltd. in 2011 but was renamed “Upstox” in 2016 and shifted its services to discount brokerage.  Upstox is an online discount brokerage trading platform that doesn’t offer advisory services … Read more

Zerodha Review 2022: Benefits & Drawbacks


Zerodha is India’s first broker to offer a discount brokerage fee. Zerodha became the largest stockbroker in 2020 which currently has a 50 lakh customer base. Before Zerodha, you had to pay hefty percentage-based brokerage fees to full-service brokers like ICICI Direct, Sharekhan, or Motilal Oswal. Full-service brokers charge high brokerage because they provide research … Read more